Creative DJ’s was formed in the fall of 1981 by Chuck Robinson.  Chuck started spinning records in 1976 in a club in Naperville called Gala West.  When the discos closed in the early 80’s and people kept asking him where they could see him perform, he decided to start his own company.

Creative DJ's founder and owner, Chuck Robinson

Creative DJ's founder and owner, Chuck Robinson

Early bookings were at bars and nightclubs, and an occasional wedding reception, until word spread and bookings increased.  By 1984, Chuck had to add another music system and the business was off and running, booking between 100 and 200 weddings and parties a year. Around the turn of the century with all of our DJ’s children growing older and time growing more precious, we cut back to one system. We have been performing at about fifty events per year.

Creative DJ’s always sends two disc jockeys to each job and uses state-of-the-art equipment.  This has helped the company stay competitive.  They hire people with full time professional careers and great personalities, who enjoy dee-jaying as a part time pursuit, which keeps them fresh.  Currently, besides Chuck, who teaches middle school math, they have several other teachers, and a few businessmen working with the company.  Chuck believes that he can train someone to play the music, but he can’t give them an entertaining personality.

Creative DJ’s offers great music and experience at a fair price.  That keeps them busy and up-to-date with the music.